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We use ecological recycled PET fabric. All our materials are exclusively vegan (PETA approved), free of AZO dyes & heavy metals.


All products comply with international cabin baggage regulations and can be taken into the cabin of any airline.


Our products are developed in Berlin. The demands we place on product design reflect above all minimalism, innovation and functionality.


We established our opening collection in the early summer of 2001 with the vision to develop a brand anchored by creativity, quality tailoring, innovative appliqués and ethical production. With a passion for the work of talented artists and the design community around us, we embraced collaborations to build a creative environment for the brand. Our brand’s studio in Berlin-Friedrichshain, an old cow stable which we restored from ground, is ideally located within a district where the merging of...

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Life in the city is something we’ve learnt to embrace. Appreciating the variety: a kaleidoscope of cultures all in one place. It’s the little things that others might pass by in the blink of an eye that keeps us inspired. Daily tasks are adventures to be lived, not problems to be solved. We aspire to move easy. Balancing our everyday whilst challenging our ideas to evolve. Never compromising on quality or our values as individuals.

Ucon Acrobatics. Balance and agility in everyday life.

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Repair Shop

The Ucon Acrobatics Repair Shop is an in-house repair project, available for customers who bought directly in our Online Store. At our Studio in Berlin/Friedrichshain, Bea, our in-house tailor, repairs broken backpacks and redesigns used bags for second hand sales. Bags beyond repair will be taken apart and used for spare parts, or in the making of redesigned bags.

Please get in touch with us before sending your product, so that we can inform you of a possible repair. You can choose...

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Nature fabrics & recycled PET

The diverse use of unique fabrics have always been a major part of our DNA. We love to enter new territories using undiscovered nature fabrics in backpack production such as cork or paper. The fabric of the Paper Series is made from vegetable cultivated cellulose fibers and manufactured in Germany with a long tradition of 150 years. The washable paper feels like leather, is biodegradable, flexible, highly water-resistant and tearproof. For one of our best selling series, The Stealth series, we are using ecological...

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At Ucon Acrobatics we hold the strong belief that knowing the story of a crafted product gives it life and soul, and in turn, adds a whole new level of value. Our products are developed in Berlin, in our own prototyping studio. This allows to test new ideas and unique constructions in a very early stage of the product development, resulting in more refined products. To bring our products alive, we work with carefully selected suppliers that we are constantly developing, assessing and expanding...

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Everyone of our customers expect and deserve transparency, so we make a point of telling you what we’re thinking, what we’re doing, and why we’re doing it. Being in close contact with the people using our products everyday help us to improve. Hence, we foster two-way communication with warmth, wit, and respect. We don’t just welcome your feedback, we actively seek your collaboration in improving our products and company. Send us your input to become better together.

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Sustainable Entrepreneurship

We use our voice to fight for the things we care about in the hopes that those listening will be inspired to take action. With Ucon Acrobatics we stand for progressive, minimalistic products for a whole new generation of creative consumers, taking responsibility for the people, nature and animals around us.

  • We love our planet | MyClimate
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